Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Blue Ostrich Winery

Matthew and I will be celebrating our second anniversary next week. We have developed a tradition of having a bottle of wine on our anniversary we picked out on our previous anniversary. So for our first anniversary we had a bottle of wine from our wedding night, this year we'll have a bottle that we picked out last year on our first anniversary trip and next year we'll drink the bottle we picked out last weekend from Blue Ostrich Winery in Saint Jo, Texas.

We started the trip we a stop in Munster to pick up some stuff for a picnic lunch.

It's a super cute little town.

We passed some wind farms on the way there.

Saw some eagles flying the wind currents.

And finally arrived at the winery about two hours after leaving home.

We did a quick tasting to see what we wanted to drink with our lunch and also picked out our bottle for next year.

Great view.

Yummy lunch.

And of course a visit to the ostriches.

There was a calf that got out of the fence and couldn't get back in, it's mom did not sound happy. But we told the people who worked at the winery before we left. Apparently they own that land and the cows too and called someone to help the calf get back.

When we got home we saw that they wrote us a note on our bottle for next year!

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