Sunday, March 27, 2016

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Easter Fun

Our Easter weekend festivities included an Easter egg hunt. Well not so much of a hunt as you can see from the picture, just eggs strewn upon the grass.

 Anneliese had fun grabbing at the eggs, but she wouldn't let them go to put into her basket.

Our first Easter as a family of three.

Happy Easter! He is risen!
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Happy Easter! I had some fun with Anneliese's Easter photos. Hope you enjoy them too.

Our outtakes:
She was over the photo session
Wouldn't be complete without Dixie trying to steal the show
And time to call it quits and feed the model when she starts eating the props
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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Texas Visit

Here are the rest of the photos from our Texas visit.
We went out to my Aunt Nancy's property in Bowie. We also did some sight seeing and some wine tasting.

I got to have an incredible girls night at my friends ranch where we ate a lot of chicken and drank a lot of wine.
Really missed these girls, and loved seeing them love on Anneliese.
We watched the sunset, Anneliese discovered her love of tortilla chips.

We tried taking a group photo.

In the morning we made a fire to enjoy the chilly morning.
We finshed the trip off with a ride around the ranch soaking in the beauty.

I got to hang out with these lovely ladies some and drink tea.
We spent the night at Jack and Pat's. Pat fixed us an amazing dinner and they have adopted Anneliese as their pseudo great-grand baby.

 Matthew's Texas family got to meet Anneliese too, more good food was involved.

My sweet friends Marlee and Christopher drove to Dallas from Abilene to meet us for brunch one day.
It was so great seeing them! Marlee is pregnant and her shower was while we were in Texas so we got to go. Such a lovely time.
We went to Oklahoma City to stay a few days with my brother.
Steven had fun teaching Anneliese to game.

And Anneliese became best buddies with Steven's dog, Zelda.

On our way back to Dallas we stopped at Turner Falls.

 On our way to Marlee's baby shower we stopped to see Matthew's family. We really crammed a lot into this trip so everyone could meet Anneliese.
And on our last day we went shopping so Anneliese could have her own pair of boots.

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