Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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11 Months

Since last month, when Anneliese hit the double digit months, I have been in denial about how old my little baby has gotten. I'm going to have a one year old next month!! It has been fun seeing her grow and watching her personality emerge.

Fun Facts:
- Clicks her tongue
- Climbs on anything she can
- Loves getting a hold of my phone to FaceTime random people
- Hardly ever stays still
- Loves going to the beach and crawling at lightning speed towards the ocean and squealing with delight when mommy or daddy scoop her up before a wave smothers her
- Will drink through a straw now
- Conversely, likes blowing bubbles in her drink with said straw
- Loves people watching and is very serious when someone new tries to talk to her
- Found that trash cans can be an excellent source of entertainment
- Either cries when you tell her no, or will put her hands up in the air
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