Sunday, August 31, 2014

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January 18th, 2015

That is when we'll be arriving in Hawaii. Matthew booked our nonrefundable tickets (including the animals). That's right, in 140 days we will be living on Maui.

We're flying out from San Diego though so we have to figure our how we'll get there first. We're pretty sure we'll be driving with the animals. By flying out of San Diego we got cheaper airfare on Alaskan Airlines (pretty much the only airline that will allow pets in the cabin on flights to Hawaii), and we save money on shipping a car because the port is in San Diego. I'm not really concerned about the drive with the dogs, I'm not sure how Walter will handle it though. So if you have any advice on driving across the country with a cat, I'd appreciate it.

We've already starting packing up stuff we know we won't need. Matthew brought down everything from the attic too so we could go through it decided what we're keeping that needs to be repacked and what we're getting rid of. Needless to say, the house is a bit of a mess. We're planning to ship our stuff sometime in December though, so it has got to get done.

This is what our hallway looks like.

And the view from the other side.

Our guest room has been converted to storage for the boxes that have already been packed. I took this picture before we went through the attic items and now the bed is covered in boxes and what we're calling 'filler' for any empty space in a box.

The office isn't looking much better. That's our giant stack of packing paper in the bottom corner. I ordered it from Amazon and it came in a box that could hold a mini fridge.

And this is some of the bar ware that's been packed up. There's still a lot left.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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Moving Update

Here is where we are at with our move. Everything I've done so far has been to get our animals ready for the move, which, so far, seems to be our biggest concern.
Here is the check list that I made for the animals originally and here is  what we've accomplished so far:

- Each animal has to have had at least two rabies vaccines in its lifetime and the vaccines must be at least 30 days apart. All our pets have been vaccinated against rabies more than twice now (other than our cat, Walter, who is only two years old and thus has only had two vaccines). I even scanned their records and emailed them to some of the clinics that do the direct release inspection on Maui to make sure that the animals records would pass inspection. I really don't want to get there and have to have the animals quarantined because something was wrong with their paperwork.

- Each animal must have a microchip. Matthew and I took them last week to the animal shelter to get them microchipped since it is not only cheaper but our current vet doesn't do microchipping. Now I'm just worried that the microchip won't scan when we get to Hawaii. I'm sure it will be fine, but I tend to worry about things. If an animals microchip doesn't scan they have to go into quarantine on the island.

- Each animal must have had a OIE-FAVN blood test done by Kansas State University. After waiting the appropriate time after their most recent rabies vaccine (21 days in case you were wondering), we loaded the animals into the car yet again yesterday to go back to the vet for this blood test (Walter now runs and hides when we get his cage out now). Each animal had its blood drawn by the vet and then the samples were mailed to KSU so they can perform the test. KSU will send the results of the test to Hawaii and our vet. The vet clinic ended up mailing the samples for us so all those hours I spent searching the internet about the longevity of ice packs and "how many ice packs does one need to keep blood cold when shipping" (something to add to the 'Things you never thought you would have to Google' list) were for naught.

Walter had to have a little haircut before the vet could draw his blood.

- Each animal must complete the 120 day waiting period after a successful OIE-FAVN test result before arriving in Hawaii. This is an easy step, at least the waiting part of it it. The waiting period actually starts when KSU receives the samples for testing. Once we know if they had a passing result or not Matthew and I will be able to pick a date that we want to move. And when we have a moving date then I'll be looking to buying our airline tickets and figuring out the logistics of getting us, the animals, and our stuff to Maui.

- Submit documents and paperwork for each animal to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture with proper fees paid and request for direct release on a neighboring island. This one wasn't on my original list. We'll have to mail all the paperwork needed for the animals at least 30 days before we land in Hawaii to make sure we'll get the neighbor island permit back in time. We have to have this permit to land on Maui with the animals and most airlines won't board the animals without the permit, if they even participate the neighbor island direct release program. When we mail the documents off we'll also need to contact a vet on Maui to make an appointment to meet us at the airport when we land for the direct release inspection.

- Each animal must be treated for fleas and ticks by a veterinarian with a product containing Fipronil within 14 days of arrival to Hawaii.

- Each animal needs a health certificate dated within 14 days of arrival (though some airlines might require a certificate dated within 10 days). We will get the heath certificates and have the animals treated for fleas and ticks the week we leave. We just have to make sure that we don't loose them in the mess of moving since it is another thing needed by not only the airlines but also for their direct release on Maui. I am praying that all of these steps go according to the plan because if one thing doesn't work out it will cause a domino effect. 

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