Sunday, August 31, 2014

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January 18th, 2015

That is when we'll be arriving in Hawaii. Matthew booked our nonrefundable tickets (including the animals). That's right, in 140 days we will be living on Maui.

We're flying out from San Diego though so we have to figure our how we'll get there first. We're pretty sure we'll be driving with the animals. By flying out of San Diego we got cheaper airfare on Alaskan Airlines (pretty much the only airline that will allow pets in the cabin on flights to Hawaii), and we save money on shipping a car because the port is in San Diego. I'm not really concerned about the drive with the dogs, I'm not sure how Walter will handle it though. So if you have any advice on driving across the country with a cat, I'd appreciate it.

We've already starting packing up stuff we know we won't need. Matthew brought down everything from the attic too so we could go through it decided what we're keeping that needs to be repacked and what we're getting rid of. Needless to say, the house is a bit of a mess. We're planning to ship our stuff sometime in December though, so it has got to get done.

This is what our hallway looks like.

And the view from the other side.

Our guest room has been converted to storage for the boxes that have already been packed. I took this picture before we went through the attic items and now the bed is covered in boxes and what we're calling 'filler' for any empty space in a box.

The office isn't looking much better. That's our giant stack of packing paper in the bottom corner. I ordered it from Amazon and it came in a box that could hold a mini fridge.

And this is some of the bar ware that's been packed up. There's still a lot left.