Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm

Last week I mentioned that the lavender farm is one of my favorite places. Matthew and I went this past weekend and it was great, even thought the weather wasn't.

We started out with some hot lavender tea and a lavender scone, with lavender honey and lavender lilikoi jam of course. Just think about these treats makes me want to go back again. For future reference, if you bring your own mug you can get a free cup of either lavender coffee or lavender tea.

See what I mean by the weather being not so great? It was very foggy, but that is part of the reason why the lavender does so well.

We took a walk down Lovers Lane. We even held hands. Well, we attempted to. I had my tea in one hand and the camera in the other...

Enjoyed the secret garden.

And walked around the mountain side lavender patches.

This is normally an excellent view of the lavender farm and island, but it wasn't when we went. Another reason why we'll just have to go back.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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One Month on Maui

It's hard for me to believe that we have lived here for a month now. It has gone by so fast and it feels like we've done nothing, but I look back and see that we've done a lot of stuff. Matthew and I haven't been overzealous about visiting our favorite spots or doing a things that we haven't done before or gone to before. Our reasoning is this, it's an island, if we do everything we want to we won't have much new things left to explore and thus not much to look forward to. This weekend we're planning on going to the Ali'i Kula Lavender farm, my one of my favorite things we did from the last time we were on Maui.

The lavender farm
Recap from our first month here

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Whale Watching!

This Wednesday we went whale watching with Matthew's mom, aunt, and grandfather. It was such a great trip. The whole entire time it was "Oh! Look over there!" "Did you see that over there?!" "WOW!"

Group picture before we boarded.

The boat we were on.

First wild animal sighting. A sign that it was going to be a great trip.

Janet and her dad, Reg.

Barely out of the harbor and we have our first whale sighting. This was a momma whale, baby whale and their primary escort, AKA hoping to be mom's boyfriend or dad of next years calf. Though you can only really see the momma whale in the picture.

Diving deep.

Reg is enjoying himself looking for the whales.

We think this is the same group whales that we first saw. In the picture is the baby whale. He got so close to us that they had to turn the boat off. Whales are very protected in the waters here. Boats and anyone in the water (surfers, jet skiers, kayak, etc.) are supposed to keep a 100 yard distance from them. But, whales don't follow the law very well so if they are approaching the vessel or whatever your on you have to turn it off and wait until they are out of the 100 yard distance.

Baby again with mom back at the surface blowing air out

A calf needs to come to the surface at least every 3-5 minutes.

And a full grown whale can stay under for up to an hour. Which is why you can see the calf more.

But the momma whale keeps a very close eye on her baby and is never far, she usually only dives for 10-20 minutes.

We got to see something pretty amazing with this group of whales.

Synchronized diving. How cool was that?

The markings on the fins are as unique as fingerprints and are used to identify individual animals for tracking and research.

This splash is from a very active calf. He was breaching all over the place!

Can you see him?

He was having a grand time.

And there he goes again!

You can see the dorsal fin of mom in this pic while baby is jumping yet again.

This pic is the best example of the day. You can see one group closer to the boat blowing air and see another whale further off about to dive.

Whales all around us!

Heading back to the harbor, beautiful day on Maui.

One last whale.

It's even waving goodbye.

It was such a great trip. I haven't ever seen that many whales on a watching tour before. They were very active! As we were heading back into the harbor there was a whale that breached directly behind the boat! It was unbelievable! It had to have been only 50 or 75 yards behind us. I'm not even sad I didn't get a picture of it because it was so incredible. Though it would have been a pretty awesome picture.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Beach Pups

Our dogs have never been to the beach before, but now that we live on an island it's inevitable that they're going to go. This past weekend we took them. I was hoping that they would like it so I could take one of them with me for company if I ever wanted to go by myself, they had a great time and now that it's just Angelina and Dixie I can handle them both on my own. This was Milton's first and last time seeing a beach. He already wasn't feeling great at this point but he still had a great time and I'm really grateful for the time we had together.

Can you believe we live here now!? It's been nearly a month and I still can't believe it.

So many smells and sights. Angelina is looking at the ocean for the first time, I think she's a bit confused.

Once she discovered running on the beach she was happy. happy, happy!

Matthew took her for a quick run while I walked with Milton and Dixie.

Dixie found that rolling in the sand is her favorite thing. Running takes effort. Look at the cute, sandy face.

Surf, sun, and one happy pup. I think Angelina enjoyed the beach the best out of the three.

Time to head back.

Last picture of the day, which is also the last picture I took of Milton. He is missed.

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