Saturday, February 7, 2015

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Maui Swap Meet and Container Unload

Last Saturday we spent the day doing something fun, going to the swap meet, and doing something not as much fun, unloading our container. I'm really glad to have all our stuff here though, it's making the transition a lot easier now that we have some stuff to decorate the cottage with so it feels like home.

The swap meet! So many vendors to check out.

Time for a refreshment, a Hawaiian style Arnold Palmer: fresh squeezed lemonade and lilikoi tea. So Yummy!

Lots of interesting stuff to check out. We got some spices for one of my best friends, I sort of got her addicted to them. I promise they'll be in the mail soon!

And now for the fun task of unloading the container.
Matthew's sister came to help.

Good thing too, there was a lot of stuff.

Look at all the stuff! It was a lot easier to unload than it was to load.

Dixie says it's time for a break.

And it's completely empty! Only now we have to put it all in our storage garage.

And this is where Matthew and I work, his office is down on the left side towards the front, and mine is up the stairs.

We eventually got all our stuff put away. I'm looking forward to when we have a house so we can have it all out and put it to use.


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