Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Beach Pups

Our dogs have never been to the beach before, but now that we live on an island it's inevitable that they're going to go. This past weekend we took them. I was hoping that they would like it so I could take one of them with me for company if I ever wanted to go by myself, they had a great time and now that it's just Angelina and Dixie I can handle them both on my own. This was Milton's first and last time seeing a beach. He already wasn't feeling great at this point but he still had a great time and I'm really grateful for the time we had together.

Can you believe we live here now!? It's been nearly a month and I still can't believe it.

So many smells and sights. Angelina is looking at the ocean for the first time, I think she's a bit confused.

Once she discovered running on the beach she was happy. happy, happy!

Matthew took her for a quick run while I walked with Milton and Dixie.

Dixie found that rolling in the sand is her favorite thing. Running takes effort. Look at the cute, sandy face.

Surf, sun, and one happy pup. I think Angelina enjoyed the beach the best out of the three.

Time to head back.

Last picture of the day, which is also the last picture I took of Milton. He is missed.



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