Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Busy Week

Wow, this past week has been really busy and exciting!

Angelina was pushed by a car. Saying she got hit by a car is a little dramatic since the car was going maybe 5 miles an hour up the driveway. She is completely fine, she just has a tiny bit of road rash and was a little shocked by the experience which made her throw up everything she ate for about a day and half. She's been on a chicken and rice diet to help settle her stomach back down.

Anneliese turned three months old and is a total drool monster.

We submitted our house plans to the county so we can get a permit to build! Finally! I'll make a post later with more details about the house, I know many of you are dying to see the floor plan that Matthew designed in more detail.

Matthew and I got to have a spontaneous double date night with a couple that is also staying here at the house until they are able to move into their house. We went to Maui Brewing Company to do some beer tasting and then went to Beach Bums for dinner after while Janet watched Anneliese.

Anneliese got to meet her great grandmother for the first time. It was so sweet. Check out all the pictures here.

Anneliese also went to church for the first time and there was a hula. It was so good to go and to see that. I haven't exactly been happy with living in Maui and my prayer daily has been asking for God to either change the situation or change my heart. Well the situation isn't going to be changing anytime soon, so He's working on changing my heart. How neat is it that I live in a place where a hula is a part of worship?

I hope everyone has a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Three Months Old

 My baby is three months old! Time just needs to stop for a little bit so I can enjoy her babyness more.

She's getting better at tummy time, meaning she doesn't hate it quite a much. She's still not a huge fan.
She can roll from her back to her side, from her side to her tummy and from her side to her back. Though, she can't roll from back to tummy or from her tummy to her back yet.

I have a hard time catching her smiles on camera.

Always in motion.

Fun Facts:
- Likes: Sucking on my hands and I'm quite noisy doing it, Spitting up on Mommy and Daddy, Bath time, Standing with some help, Playing superman with Daddy flying me around
- Dislikes: Getting out of the bath, Tummy time, Mommy using the nasal aspirator to get boogers out of my nose
- Clothes: outgrowing 0-3 month
- Height: 24.5 inches
- Mommy is having postpartum hair loss and it gets all over the place, including on me. One time she came out of the shower and when she went to pick me up she saw that I had a huge hairball in my hand that I was playing with (She wants to know why no one told her about all the hair loss)
- Eye Color: Changes everyday, but mostly hazel or blue
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

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Meeting Great-Grandma

Sunday we took Anneliese to meet her Great-Grandma for the first time.

Anneliese's expression in this one just cracks me up.

So sweet.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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One Day

Yesterday I participated in #OneDayHH on instagram. Through out the day you document the little stuff that you wouldn't normally post in order to capture an ordinary day. Here was my day.

4am - Anneliese starts our day with a feeding

5:30am - I can't fall back asleep, so I browse the digital library

7:15am: Good morning take two. Woke up with this one chatting away in her pack n play

8:22am - Breakfast, Matthew has started working from home in the mornings to help out and so he can spend some more time with Anneliese

8:48am - Time for a morning nap

9:30am - I should be cleaning during little's nap but Netflix and crocheting hats to be donated to babies is more fun

9:48am - She approves the hats

10:48am - Cute baby sneezes

11:12am - Trying to enjoy the outdoors for a bit before second nap...

12:05pm - Mail Call

12;17pm - Hubby came home at lunch with the official plans for our house we're going to build! Next step, permitting

1:00pm - Dixie likes to keep Anneliese company

1:30pm - Nap time again. It's hard being 11 weeks old

1:40pm - Treat yo self

3:20pm- Time for our afternoon stroll

3:31pm - Anneliese is not impressed

3:57pm - Water the plants

4:45pm - I need a snack but I'm afraid to move because she'll wake up and I'm tired of her only taking 10-20 min long naps

5:58pm - Cuddles with auntie and baby's first nativity was part of the mail call for the day

6:50pm - She loves bath time but hates getting dried off / getting ready for bed

7:23pm - The little is asleep and I'm going to enjoy my glass of wine in a mug because I'm too lazy to wash one of the two wine glasses that we own that is not in storage. Was a fun day documenting the ordinary. Goodnight
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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Two Month Check-Up

Anneliese had her two month check up on Friday. She was not happy when I told her that it would include getting inoculated. 

But look how big she has gotten. She really likes to stand with some assistance. She is now officially two feet tall (in the 92 percentile)! She weighed 12 lbs and 14.8 oz, basically 13 pounds (74 percintile) with a head circomfrance of 15.98 inches (93 percentile).

She did not like getting her shots! But she was only minimally fussy over the weekend. She slept a lot and got lots of extra cuddles from us.

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At a Glance - October

I cannot get enough of this face.

While my brother was here we went to one of the distilleries.

Anneliese is most certainly not 21 yet so she had to stay behind the rope that separates the tasting bar.

We attempted to go to a luau with my brother but due to the weather it was cancelled. The hotel it was at is super nice though.

On the road to Hana we stopped at saw some gorgeous trees called rainbow eucalyptus.

She's getting so big!

After a long day I handed the baby off to the hubs so I could get a much needed break.

So many faces to make!
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