Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Three Months Old

 My baby is three months old! Time just needs to stop for a little bit so I can enjoy her babyness more.

She's getting better at tummy time, meaning she doesn't hate it quite a much. She's still not a huge fan.
She can roll from her back to her side, from her side to her tummy and from her side to her back. Though, she can't roll from back to tummy or from her tummy to her back yet.

I have a hard time catching her smiles on camera.

Always in motion.

Fun Facts:
- Likes: Sucking on my hands and I'm quite noisy doing it, Spitting up on Mommy and Daddy, Bath time, Standing with some help, Playing superman with Daddy flying me around
- Dislikes: Getting out of the bath, Tummy time, Mommy using the nasal aspirator to get boogers out of my nose
- Clothes: outgrowing 0-3 month
- Height: 24.5 inches
- Mommy is having postpartum hair loss and it gets all over the place, including on me. One time she came out of the shower and when she went to pick me up she saw that I had a huge hairball in my hand that I was playing with (She wants to know why no one told her about all the hair loss)
- Eye Color: Changes everyday, but mostly hazel or blue


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