Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Our First Christmas

Both Matthew and I were really excited about celebrating our first Christmas together. We felt very blessed when we were able to have our first Thanksgiving at our house with our parents, so when we were able to host my family for Christmas we were ecstatic.
Our family at Thanksgiving.
Our first step was to decorate the house.

The dogs even got in the spirit, though I think Milton was hoping to get some of Santa's cookies.

Ornament my mom gave to us for our first Christmas

All done.
Then we went to Matthew's holiday party for his office at Buca di Beppo. We ate so much that night.

Matthew got his P.E. license in the mail Christmas Eve, he was very elated about getting it so soon.

Christmas Eve with my family. Milton jumped up on the couch at the last moment and posed for the picture.

The kids were playing a game.

Catching up with the family and enjoying the food (note the cheese-ball). 

Our first Christmas ended up being a white Christmas, lucky us!

We planned to go to Arkansas the day after Christmas for a mini vacation, but because of the snow we decided it would be safer if we stayed at home. So we made a snowman.

Angelina hates the snow. Milton likes to eat it.

I think he turned out pretty well.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

On the Sunday before Christmas we got to go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I was so excited we got to go, I have always wanted to see them. It was just as awesome and maybe more than I thought it would be.

Two excited people here!

Joyce, Mom, and Matthew, all ready for the show to start.

The orchestra on the stage.

Flashy light show!

And FIRE!!

More fire.

I really liked the fire, so what?

And the finale with fireworks!!

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Christmas Sausage

My family has a tradition of making sausage every year at Christmas. It used to be called Slovak Sausage, but since we only make it at Christmas, we just call it Christmas Sausage. I'm not sure how long our family has been making this amazing meal, but my mom remembers her grandfather teaching her father to make it, and they didn't even speak the same language.
Cutting up bread and grinding the meat.

Adding the seasonings.

My cousins have goats, they wanted inside.

Wouldn't be an official family gathering without my Aunt Kathy's cheese ball.

 Michelle doing the calculations to the recipe so we add the correct amount.

And of course we have to sample it to make sure it tastes right.

 Divvying up the goods. Yum!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

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Girl(s) Night

So Matthew is at a Christmas party for the high school boys group he leads at Church, which means I have the evening to myself! I get my own mini Girl Night (note the singular 'girl' used).

I came home from work and poured myself a glass of my new favorite wine and made myself a grilled cheese sandwich. Though I burned the sandwich because the corkscrew was being finicky and wouldn't open the wine. Priorities people.

I was going to use a fancy steamed glass, but I didn't want to get too carried away with my girl night.

So my dear readers, (which by the way I was wrong when guessing how many people would read this, I had enough people to not only count on both my hands, but maybe some toes too!) now time for the cute puppy picture portion of the evening. I know that's what you guys really care about.

Merry Christmas!
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Monday, December 10, 2012

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The Band Wagon

So I've gone and done it.

I have created a blog. I'm not sure why either. I don't have much to say and I can count the number of people that will probably read this one one hand (hi mom!). In all actuality, I'll probably end up talking about how awesome my husband is, how cute my dogs are (which will have to include pictures), or random going on's about everyday life.

So make some room on the band wagon for me, cause this girl has just got on.

(This is Milton, he is indeed very cute and worthy of many blogs dedicated to him)

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