Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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One Day

Yesterday I participated in #OneDayHH on instagram. Through out the day you document the little stuff that you wouldn't normally post in order to capture an ordinary day. Here was my day.

4am - Anneliese starts our day with a feeding

5:30am - I can't fall back asleep, so I browse the digital library

7:15am: Good morning take two. Woke up with this one chatting away in her pack n play

8:22am - Breakfast, Matthew has started working from home in the mornings to help out and so he can spend some more time with Anneliese

8:48am - Time for a morning nap

9:30am - I should be cleaning during little's nap but Netflix and crocheting hats to be donated to babies is more fun

9:48am - She approves the hats

10:48am - Cute baby sneezes

11:12am - Trying to enjoy the outdoors for a bit before second nap...

12:05pm - Mail Call

12;17pm - Hubby came home at lunch with the official plans for our house we're going to build! Next step, permitting

1:00pm - Dixie likes to keep Anneliese company

1:30pm - Nap time again. It's hard being 11 weeks old

1:40pm - Treat yo self

3:20pm- Time for our afternoon stroll

3:31pm - Anneliese is not impressed

3:57pm - Water the plants

4:45pm - I need a snack but I'm afraid to move because she'll wake up and I'm tired of her only taking 10-20 min long naps

5:58pm - Cuddles with auntie and baby's first nativity was part of the mail call for the day

6:50pm - She loves bath time but hates getting dried off / getting ready for bed

7:23pm - The little is asleep and I'm going to enjoy my glass of wine in a mug because I'm too lazy to wash one of the two wine glasses that we own that is not in storage. Was a fun day documenting the ordinary. Goodnight


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