Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Anniversary Trip

It amazes me how quickly time can fly. It has been nearly 8 months since Matthew and I celebrated our first anniversary with a trip to California. Time to post some pictures! We decided on California since Matthew hasn't really been to visit before and I wanted him to see where I grew up.

First stop: taking Matthew to see the sea lions at Pier 39 in San Francisco

Alcatraz, it's there I promise. It wouldn't be San Francisco without some fog.

One of my favorite flowers, poppies. Golden poppies are also California's state flower.  

Matthew was taking a break while I was busy taking pictures of the poppies. We also had walked a long way through Golden Gate Park and he took the opportunity to take a rest.

We spent a whole day at the California Academy of Sciences and got close to some gorgeous butterflies. Honestly, we probably could have spent at least two days exploring everything there.

And it's sacrilege to not see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful day too.

I had to take Matthew to San Juan Batista to see the cute little town and the mission where I went on many a field trips growing up.

Another place I spent a ton of time at: Pinnacles National Monument, though now its Pinnacles National Park. 

I think this picture was taken after Matthew and I went spelunking and had to use my phone as a flashlight. I only hit my head in the cave a few times. It's not as tall as I remember it being.

Obligatory holding up the rock photo.

Wine tasting! You cannot visit California and not go wine tasting.

Jeanie (my old Girl Scout leader, who also let us stay at her house in Hollister) took us to some of her favorite places. She made a friend with one of the winery dogs.

Glorious Monterey! Another one of my favorite places growing up. Matthew and I went to the aquarium and then took in some sights around town. 

We decided to do another hike, this time to see the redwoods.

We spent one afternoon having a picnic lunch with Jeanie at the winery she works at. Delicious food and the view was great too. 

Matthew and I decided to visit Winchester Mystery Mansion. I figured he would get a kick out of the crazily designed building.

We then ended our last day enjoying a sunset view at Fremont Peak with some delectable desserts from a place where we had lunch that day.

We had such a great time celebrating. I am so glad I have this amazing man by my side.

We flew back home on our anniversary and ate our wedding cake we froze and drank a bottle of wine that we had our wedding night as well.



  1. Looks amazing! What an incredible way to spend your first anniversary! I don't think me taking Chris to Longview would have had quite the same effect! ha ha

  2. Love all these pictures! I really enjoyed the panoramic ones you guys took too!

    1. I forgot my camera on this trip! All of the photos came from my phone or from Matthew's really old point and shoot camera (I actually think that the megapixels on my phone is higher than his camera)

  3. I'm impressed, they turned out great :) Sometimes we can't believe how well our phones do with taking pictures now. It is definitely nice to have as a back up.