Friday, February 21, 2014

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Christmas 2013

This past Christmas was the first one without my mom. I knew it was going to be a really difficult day to get through (and it was). While I was thinking about what to get Matthew for Christmas I was reading a book about mourning through the holidays and one of the suggestions was to spoil someone else and make them happy. A few days later I saw an article for the actual cost of the traditional 12 days of Christmas, and then a light bulb went on, what if I were to make a 12 days of Christmas themed gift for Matthew?

The more that I worked on these gifts for Matthew, the more happy I felt. I was actually becoming excited about Christmas! Granted, the pain and sorrow was still there (it probably will always be there) but instead of dreading each day that brought Christmas closer, I had something to look forward to everyday with finding ways to give Matthew his gift for the day. I started giving him the gifts so that he would get day 12 on Christmas day.

Matthew loved all his gifts and was really happy that I wasn't moping around being a Scrooge. Let's be honest, the saying 'happy wife, happy life' exists for a reason.

Day 1: A new iPod touch (his old one accidentally got put in the washing machine, oops)
Day 2: Two tickets to see The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug (part 2 of the Hobbit trilogy)
Day 3: Three screen protectors for the new iPod
Day 4: Four hours of frustration while installing a new hard drive for his computer
Day 5: Five assorted meats and cheeses
Day 6: Six undershirts
Day 7: Seven pairs of new underwear
Day 8: Eight reasons I love him and think he is the best husband
Day 9: Nine chocolate truffles
Day 10: Ten pairs of socks
Day 11: Eleven packs of gum
Day 12: Twelve months of pre-planned and prepaid dates for 2014



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