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Next stop on our European vacation, Venice! We were only stayed in Venice for one day and the night. (Check out our previous stops in London and Paris).

I left off in Paris where we got on the overnight train to Venice. Matthew and I planned on eating dinner on the train in the dinning car, because we're on a train and how often do you get to eat in a dinning car? But the dinning car was closed down and there was no food. It's a good thing we had some snacks, we ended up having a granola bar we brought from home, a truffle from Harrods, and a macaron from Laduree for dinner. Three foods from three different countries, it could have been worse. After dinner the conductor came by turned down our bunk beds, and took our passports for boarder control stops during the night.
When we woke up the next morning we were in Italy! Matthew went to the conductors room to get our breakfast (again since the dinning car was broken, just some bottled juice and a croissant). Our passports were returned to us and we were sort of disappointed when we flipped through them and didn't get any stamps from the countries we went through, but we were almost to Venice!

From our room on the train.

Pulling into the train station in Venice.

Outside of the station. What a gorgeous view to see.

We decided to use the public transportation boats to get to our hotel. It was not a good experience for me. I don't think that I'm a prone to claustrophobia, but I was nearly in tears by the time we got off at our stop because it was so packed on that tiny little boat. (I told Matthew that I was never doing that again, we walked back to the train station when we left the next day). The view from the plank where you wait for space in the 'station' was pretty though.

I was very happy when we made it to our hotel! It was super cute and very Venetian in decor.

I needed to relax for a bit with some tea and a biscuit before heading out into Venice.

We ate lunch on one of the plazas before heading into Plazza San Marco. 

The Bridge of Sighs.

I enjoyed looking through this open air market. You had to watch out for peddlers though, we even saw some police chasing some for selling purses illegally.

Leaving the plazza. We only had to things we really wanted to do while in Venice, eat gelato, and get lost. We got gelato after leaving the plazza. 

Then we got lost exploring the island.

Found some tiny streets to wander.

Sometimes you had to look up to see the details. This picture does not do the stained glass justice. Venetian glass is a thing of beauty!

But we made it back to our hotel! We rested up and enjoyed the happy hour they hosted, with wine of course.

We headed back out to see the plazza at night (and not get lost on the way back).

Then we ended our day with how it was started, some tea and a snack in our hotel room.

If you want to see all the pictures I took in Venice click here or check out our previous stops in London and Paris. Up next our last destination, Rome {one, two, three}.

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  1. Christopher and I loved all these pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. We had the same experience with the boat taxi being so crazy packed with people. Gelato and getting lost, you definitely did Venice right. Looking forward to seeing your time in Rome :)