Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Boy or Girl?

Matthew and I should be finding out the gender of our baby soon. I've been having fun guessing and seeing what some of the old wives tales say.
Heartbeat above or below 140?
Below - Boy
Ramzi theory?
Craving salty or sweet?
Salty - Boy
Chinese Birth Chart
First Trimester Morning Sickness?
Very little - Boy
Soft or dry Skin?
Dry - Boy
Ring on a string, pendulum or circles?
Pendulum - Girl
Yes - Boy
Feet colder than they were pre-pregnancy?
No - Girl
Show me your hands, are you palms up or down?
Down - Boy
What side do you sleep on?
Left - Boy
And the tally: Girl - Four, Boy - Seven

So if the tales are correct than it looks like we can expect a boy come August! I'm not going out to buy any outfits for him (or her) just yet though. Hopefully the doctor will be able to tell at our next sonogram and we'll have something a little more trustworthy than old wives tales to help us decide on names and on any gender specific outfits.


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