Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Anneliese Catherine

It took Matthew and I a while to decide on a name. We knew that her middle name was going to being Catherine since it's a family name, she's a fourth generation Catherine. We had a few names that we liked but our main contender for quite a while actually was Grace Catherine. Grace was my Great-grandmothers name and my mom wanted to name me Grace so the name has a lot of meaning. But I'm not fond of faith based names for my children, like Hope, Faith, Grace, etc. We looked up names with the same or similar meanings for Grace and found Anneliese, which means 'promise of Gods grace' and we knew that was it, we had found her name. 
Anyways, meet Anneliese Catherine, these photos were done when she was nine days old by the same photographer that did my maternity photos.

If this is not enough cuteness for you, click here to see all the photographs from her newborn session.


  1. She's beautiful! And so cooperative :)

  2. I'm so in love with them all! The name is perfect :)