Monday, December 7, 2015

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Matthew and I may have started Thanksgiving day off with chocolate pie for breakfast. I have no shame.

We got crafty after breakfast and made a foot turkey with Anneliese to remember her first Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, we did not get paint everywhere. Score one for us.

Thanksgiving rainbow in the backyard.

Matthew and I contributed my family's famous bread dressing, complete with homemade bread. Oh so yummy. It's my favorite, other than the chocolate pie.

Taking a morning nap before the festivities.

Janet always does such a great job at setting the table and ambiance for the occasion.

The spread.

Anneliese sitting at the table with her Grandpa while I finished eating.

And what's Thanksgiving day without an afternoon nap for all.

Except Anneliese decided to spin herself around and left me no room to nap.

First Thanksgiving family photo!