Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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First Christmas

Despite this picture, I'm pretty sure Anneliese had a great time during her first Christmas.

This is her in her Christmas Eve outfit my best friend Larissa sent.

And Christmas Day!

I actually made our stockings this year since mine and Matthew's are in storage and Anneliese didn't have one yet.

Just a small portion of her haul.

And opening her first gift. She needed lots of help though.

In typical baby fashion, more interested in the wrapping than the gift.

We got her some blocks and Matthew tried to spell her name out but her name has too many E's in it.

In front of the big tree.

She got hot and lost her pants before all the festivities began. This is the stocking her Grandma got for her.

And I may get hurt for posting this photo of everyone before they had a chance to take a shower and get dressed, but I can't resit. They all wanted a photo of Anneliese in front of the tree too.

This was her favorite game after all the gifts were open, She had a blast throwing the bows and knocking them off the tray on her chair.

So many firsts in this photo. Our first Christmas in Hawaii since being married, our first one living here, first one as a family of three.

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  1. Pants are for suckers - direct quote from HB