Thursday, May 19, 2016

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9 Months

Fun Facts:
- Enjoys "petting" the animals, when in reality she just pulls their fur out
- Can blow a raspberry 80% of the time now!
- Likes to blow kisses, or makes the kissy noise with her mouth when she wants a kiss
- Favorite foods: refried beans, pasta, watermelon, spaghetti sauce
- Doesn't like to sleep in (unfortunately for us) and is awake between 5:30-6 am now
- Waves hello and sometimes will say 'Hi' while waving
- Graduated to a proper crawl, she's been arming crawling since 6 months
- Loves having more space to explore in the new apartment
- Gets really exited about bath time and has so much fun playing during bath
- Still not sure what her eye color is
- Celebrated our first mother's day together

And the outtakes, so many of them now that she won't stop moving:
Walter enjoys posing for the test photos

This happens every month so I decided to let you see the pictures of it happening
Happy nine months baby girl! Hard to believe that you'll be one soon.


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