Monday, June 6, 2016

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9 Month Check-Up

Anneliese had her nine month check-up the other day. She's did great but she's going through a stage where she hates laying down, this includes diaper changes, ugh. She had a TB test and also had to have some blood drawn and she screamed bloody murder both times because she had to be held down.
- 21 lbs 15 oz, so basically 22 pounds (93 percentile)
- 30 in height (99 percentile)
- 17.7 in head circumference (81.5 percentile)
- Four new teeth, all cut in one week. It had been a rough week for us all.
Matthew trying to change her diaper this past weekend.

She's started making this cute noise, sort of sounds like "wiggle wiggle wiggle"


  1. Big girl! We got four teeth in a week here too. Oof

  2. Katie, she is so precious!! Happy little blondie!