Sunday, January 20, 2013

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Attempting Art

 My dear friend Jesica have been talking about doing one of those BYOB painting classes for quite some time now. So when we saw a deal for one we snatched it up. We had such a great time together that we have already purchased another deal from groupon to do another painting class. Anyways, in this class we painted a cute scene with some birds.
Jesica and I

Kind of excited, yet nervous about the painting. 

Got my glass of delicious moscato.

Intimidating blank canvas. At least it's intimidating to those with no artistic skills like me. Probably why the wine is a must.

First step - blend base color with white.

Second step - add more base color to the white.

Third step - add yet even more base color to the white (this was where I had to get more brown and Jesica need more red as well).

Then take a break with chocolate and more wine!

Now to add the moon.

Branches for the birds.

Now the difficult task of adding the birds. This was terrifying to me. Everything else so far was relativity easy to do.

I thought he turned out pretty well.

Birds done, now to make the trees pretty.


I know you're jealous of our awesome paintings. I ended up hanging mine up in my master bathroom.



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