Monday, February 4, 2013

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Cross and infinity lariat

So I saw this cross and infinity lariat on etsy and I fell in love with it. I love crosses and I love infinity. So I then thought "I could make that". My mom happens to have lots of tools for jewelry making and I had the items I needed for the lariat, so why not?

Here are the starting products, the cross was a Christmas gift from my mom actually.

First was to take off the fastenings on the necklace. I used that chain that the cross was on for the lariat.

Next I used these little guys to fasten the cross and infinity to the chain.


Now to take of the pesky little loop on the other side of the infinity.

These cutters had a warning printed on them to wear proper safety glasses when using them. I'm a rebel, I didn't use safety glasses.

And the finished product!

Just slip the cross through the infinity loop.


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  1. Look at you with your crafty self! I LOVE the necklace! You must teach me your jewelry making ways ;)