Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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Christmas in May?

Don't you hate it when you write a blog post up then forget to post it? Anyways, here what we did a few weeks ago.

Well it's not July (or December for that matter) but we decided to celebrate Christmas anyways! We planned on celebrating Christmas as a family after we moved since it didn't make sense for us to fly in December when we were moving in January. So after we finally got settled and now that Matthew's brother finished university and is now home as well and some coordinating of some busy schedules, we celebrated Christmas in May!
Matthew dug out his Christmas shirt.
Decorations and presents are required. Christmas music was also played.

Setting out dishes for our yummy dinner.
We had a delicious Christmas dinner. Janet did an amazing job at decorating. It really did feel like Christmas. 

I kind of love the idea of celebrating Christmas at a different time in the year now. New tradition anyone?


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  1. It was a wonderful evening and I have such good memories. Can you send me pics?