Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Baby shower

A few weeks ago I was blessed with a baby shower. I must admit, I was bummed when we moved and I thought I wasn't going to get to experience having a baby shower thrown in my honor. I thought that because I didn't know anyone here in Hawaii a shower was definitely out of the question. So when Janet told me that some ladies at church wanted to throw a shower I was thrilled. I had such a great time too!

The amazing hostesses, so grateful to these two ladies.

The food was yummy! Perfect for a baby shower luncheon. 

And what's a baby shower without games? This was a Price is Right type game where we had to guess the retail value of the items and total them up.

This one was actually pretty hard. I think I only got two correct.

One of the gifts I got was this quit from a lady in my sewing club. How cute is this?!

The woman on the right made the quilt for me. The other lovely lady I work with.

And finally, here's me at 32 weeks.


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