Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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At a Glance - July

  • I had a baby shower thrown in my honor, so blessed by this
  • Cute packaging for my maternity photos
  • Walter cuddling the baby bump, right before he decided to bite it
  • Started a new project, a crochet baby blanket for the little girl. I haven't done any crocheting since we moved and I missed it
  • Super yummy Fourth of July dinner I made, carnitas, black beans, grilled corn, and fresh hand squeezed lemonade
  • We don't live on the sunset side of the island, but we still get pretty colors in the sky when the sun is setting
  • Dixie too worn out after a morning at the beach. She decided to use her treat as a pillow until she had energy to eat it
  • Having a lopsided belly is kind of strange
  • Got a window AC unit for the cottage, it makes me so happy. Didn't realize how much I missed having AC


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