Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Olinda Forest

Alternative title- "We went for a walk, Anneliese played with sticks"

 Two small sticks.
 Now she has three small sticks.
 One log, two small sticks and a pinecone.
 But the log was too difficult to carry. She had to leave it behind.
 But another pinecone should do.
 But it's still difficult to carry that much.
 But wait, what is this? It's not too large and not too small, it's the Goldilocks of sticks!
 Content with two Goldilocks sized sticks, playing whack the sticks with daddy. She gave him the small one so she could carry the two.


Time to rehydrate and head back home. That lone stick is now in my hanging out in my car because she refused to let it go.


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