Thursday, August 25, 2016

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12 Months

Fun Facts:
- Nearly 25 lbs and around 30 inches tall
- She has the most gorgeous gray eyes, pictures don't do them justice
- Cut two teeth in the two days before her birthday, giving her a total of eight teeth
- Her Uncle Steve taught her to hive five and roar
- Took her first steps the day after she turned 11 months and is now an avid walker
- Refuses her tray on her highchair, only wants to eat off of plates on the table like the grown ups 
- Has such a sense of humor and enjoys making Matthew and I laugh
- Currently going through a cuddle phase and only wants mommy (shes napping on me as I write this, something she has not done since she was an itty baby)
- Loves going outside
- Cries when her daddy leaves for work, she hates goodbyes
- Has not developed an attachment to a lovey yet but she does love her books and carrying around dirty shirts
- Says uh-oh all the time. Even when she sees another child fall or doing something they're not supposed to

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  1. This is the cutest, I love every single picture and how they show her personality! Before I read your fun facts I was thinking same thing, her eyes are gorgeous!